The Driver


Donald Kimm, DK Racing
Blairstown, IA

I attended my first race in 1968, and from then on I was hooked on drag racing. In 1970, I built my first car, a front engine altered called the “Blue Angel.” In 1971, I purchased my first professionally built car, again racing with the name “Blue Angel.” The next car I had built in 1973; again a front engine altered named “The Night Stalker.” After racing this car for a couple years, I took delivery of a 1975 Chevy Vega BB/FC, called a “flopper” or “funny car.” After racing this car for one year, the operation was sold to concentrate on raising a family. While raising my three sons, I continued to follow drag racing closely until 1995 when I decided to build a new car, a front engine car called an “altered coup.” In 2001, I sold that car and purchased the dragster in 2002 that I am currently driving today.

NHRA Licensed Driver and Member
IHRA Licensed Driver and Member
Over 35 years of racing experience

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