September 17, 2009

Division 5 - Here We Come

It looks like we are going to have a fantastic racing weekend. This morning we are leaving for Topeka, KS heading for Heartland Park Topeka which is a large racing facility that hosts an NHRA national event every year on Memorial Day weekend. For nine years I attended this event to watch the NHRA Super Stars race and am really excited to get an opportunity to race in this facility. It will be a long day as the tow is 360 miles, but it will be worth the seat time.


We are attending what is called the NHRA Division 5 ET Finals. Division 5 is NHRA’s largest geographical area so we expect a lot of race cars to be in attendance. We are representing Tri-State Raceway which is our local track located in Earlville, IA. There are approximately 24 tracks in Division 5 with racers competing for their local track and of course the money that goes along with winning rounds. We left around 8:30 am, stopping only for breakfast and fuel, and arrived at the track around 3:30 pm.  We got in line to register, found our parking stall and got set up for Thursday’s time runs.


Since I have never raced here, we spent some time riding around checking out the location of the concession stands, restrooms, etc. We rode up to the staging lanes and the starting line. Massive. That’s the best description I have for this place. We took a ride down toward the finish line to locate all the turn offs (which is always good that the driver knows where those are located), find the time slip shed, and of course, find the route to take to get back to our pit stall. You see, if we didn’t have this golf cart to ride on, we would be walking for hours. Walking would probably take a minimum of a half hour to get from our pit stall to the starting line. Now it’s off to the tech shed to get our run cards and a few gifts that NHRA gives to participants. We are staying at a local Super 8 so it’s off to the motel, a good meal, maybe an adult beverage, and then get ready for Friday.

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